CURVE is an industrial design and creative studio focused on developing innovative and simple solutions in every project. 

Whether we are using new products or thinking about a project we are working on products are never far from our minds. We aim to improve little segments of life by creating new products that solve problems, make things easier, or are just plain fun to use. Functionality is at the heart of everything we do and we are always trying to improve tasks that people encounter every day.

We aim to create impactful designs with strong commercial viability and user appeal. Having launched in 2011 our first major foray into the international product market is STAYHOLD an innovative product range and company that is currently making a few waves in the automotive accessories market. 

Between our in-house projects and client work we are committed to developing fully resolved solutions which surpass the status-quo.

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Alan and Ben founded CURVE after studying industrial design in NCAD. Having gained an insightful view into the commercial product world while designing the KUG the pair wanted to explore other creative projects for clients and themselves and launched Curve as a creative vehicle to do so. Both coming from photographic & video backgrounds a strong focus exists in their work for utilising various creative media to present projects in a powerful and precise way. 
Alan Harrison

Alan’s creative stronghold exists within creating innovative solutions for whatever problems  are being addressed throughout a design process. Combined with his critical aesthetic approach and Ben’s correlating mindset and skills an efficient creative team exists. Alan’s strong acumen in technical design allows the same frame of mind to be transferred and applied to other tasks that are required within the company ranging from compliance, design for logistics, packaging design etc.

Alan likes peanut butter cups and black coffee.

Ben Millett

Ben’s creative experience and attention to detail is an asset in any project with a strong skill-set which can be applied across disciplines to achieve results.  With experience that overlaps and also compliments that of Alan's they form a comprehensive and efficient creative team. Ben’s background in photography and graphic design brings a considered approach to industrial design and every visual aspect of a project. With an overriding focus on functionality and usability in product design Ben’s technical skills enhance and help to create synergy within any project.

Ben likes the colour blue and a good steak.

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